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For requests or inquiries, please register and create a request. Please provide as much information as possible: language pair, written or oral translation, if necessary: text or oral translation length, topic and date. The more information we have, the faster we will be able to find a language expert for you. We will do our best in order to help you.

At the moment we cannot accept requests for certified document translations.

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TranslatorsAgainstWar is an initiative created at the end of February 2022. Since September 2022, we are a registered association according to the German law (‚eingetragener Verein‘). 

We translate (written) and interpret (spoken) Ukrainian and Russian into German and vice versa. We use our volunteer work to support people affected by the war in Ukraine as well as organisations and initiatives assisting those in need. We’ve put together a network of professional translators and interpreters. In addition, many committed volunteers without a background in linguistics are also involved in the initiative.

The initiative TranslatorsAgainstWar is not pursuing commercial interests of any kind.